Complete Kitchen Makeover

This kitchen exemplifies the power of a good design. The old kitchen had been in place since the 80s. It had a poor layout, with unusable space in the corners. It felt cramped and lacked ergonomic flow. With a masterful design by Dale Walker of Walker Woodworks the space was transformed to a place of light and energy. A small, difficult to use pantry became the artful and accessible nook for the refrigerator. The stove was relocated. The many drawers, shelves, and cabinets provide plenty of storage and variable possibilities for organization. This, along with increased counter top area, make the space a joy to use and move around in. 

The reimagining of the lighting, with dimmable ceiling and under-cabinet lighting allows for the room to change moods as it changes uses throughout the day. All this light, along with the bright quartz countertop, off-white subway tile, and white cabinets make the room gleam. The stainless steel appliances complete the space with a look and feel that is both classic and modern